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Q1.  What is

A1.  InsuranceGurukul is an online school of Insurance working to specialize in creating various engagement tools for smarter learning. We strongly believe that the modern day learning needs fresh ideas to make it more interesting and fun. This website is intended to provide resources and tools that shall help you succeed in the Professional Exams conducted by the prestigious Insurance Institute of India

InsuranceGurukul is registered trademark of Nidhi Maitrya. 

Q2.  Does Insurance Institute of India and Insurance Gurukul offer similar services?

No. Please Note that InsuranceGurukul (IG) and Insurance Institute of India (III) are separate entities.  III is the governing body which conducts the Professional Examinations like Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship whereas IG is the Online training Institute providing SmartCoaching preparatory kits for these exams.

InsuranceGurukul is NOT related to III in any way. We are a private coaching service.

Q3   Are these only ONLINE courses, or do I get any hard-copies or options to download the content?

This is an e-learning course. Students do not get any option to download the content or hard-copies or books of any kind.Students are required to login with their registered user Id and password every-time they wish to study.

Q4.  For how long  can I access the training modules after payment?

The access shall be valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. After that, the login shall automatically expire.

Q5.  If I purchase the SmartPractice kit, does it mean that the same questions will appear in the exam?

NO. Students are requested to understand that InsuranceGurukul .com is a learning aid to help you clear III exams. Our study kit is designed in a way to help students learn the important terms and key concepts of every module. Once you have mastered that, we are sure that you can attempt any question asked in the final exams.

Disclaimer: Please note , the way you prepare yourself depends a lot on your individual skill set and the hard work you are ready to put in.

Q6. What are the different modes of payment?

We prefer online payment through Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Net Banking. In case, your bank is not registered with us, you can do a direct account transfer at the following credentials.

For any other mode of payment, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q7.  How long does it take for the access to be given after purchase?

In case of an online payment,you can start accessing your lessons immediately.

However, in case of a direct transfer to our account, the access shall be given once the amount is credited in our account.

Q8. How can this learning methodology benefit me?

The ideology behind InsuranceGurukul is Smart Learning. The methodologies adopted at our website are quite engaging and will ensure that you learn the most in the least time. The SmartPractice kits allow you to re-take the quiz number of times until you have mastered all the questions. These are Multiple Choice Questions along with answers. You even get to track your performance report after each quiz that you take. As far as SmartLearning kits for advanced modules are concerned, we have summarized the entire module in the form of concise audio-visual presentations for effective learning.  We recommend reading the prescribed study material by the Institute well, post which just follow the learning mechanisms adopted at and increase your chances of success in III exams manifold. 

Q10. Can I ask for a refund after purchase?

We STRICTLY do not allow any refund post-purchase. To ensure fair and ethical practices, we have provided a demo link at all levels, Licentiate, Associate and Fellow.

Only if you like the demo, we advise you to purchase the content.

Q11. In case I need extra content or explanation on any topic, whom should I contact?

We will never disappoint you on this. You are free to ask for more content or any specific information by writing your queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Be rest assured, you will get answers for your queries.

Q12. What should be the internet bandwidth for me to comfortably view the course. 

The minimum recommended internet bandwith to view the course is 512 Kbps

Q13. Are there mandatory plugins required to view the course?   

You should be using Google Chrome browser ONLY. No other browsers are recommended. You would also need the FREE flash player plugin. If you have been using internet for general web surfing, rest assured you would have the flash plugin already installed. In a rare case that you have any issues, please contact us immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.